Do you provide before/after school care?

We have provided this service for an hour before school begins in the past but depends on available staff. We do not have "all day" care.

Will my child spend time outdoors?

Children will have daily time outside, weather permitting. Dress children weather appropriate.


Our family is not Christian; can our child still attend Friends of Jesus? How much religion is taught?

We welcome children of other faiths and those who have no experience with faith.  The church calendar (Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter) is incorporated into lessons and Bible stories .  We also teach students about God's grace. A foundation in faith and the importance of Christian core values are stressed through the day’s activities.

Are there any field trips?

Field trips are a fun way to enhance classroom learning. Two field trips have been scheduled for each class per year.

How much fundraising will I be asked to do?

Friends of Jesus is a nonprofit outreach ministry of Zion Lutheran Church. Occasional target fundraising for special enrichment activities are offered throughout the year. Participation is voluntary and appreciated.